Fieldwork in the first week of December

It’s the 2nd of December, and IAC is still out in the field.  Temps are in the 40s, with bright sunshine and thin cirrus clouds.  We have a spate of projects that take us from central New Hampshire to the Penobscot in Maine.  Normally, November is a dull, gray month, but this year, it’s held steady with unseasonably warm temperatures.  And lots of sunlight.  Not enough hours of it, but when it’s daytime, the sunlight has been splendid.

I enjoy the swing of seasons here in New England.  For archaeologists practicing in warmer climes, you don’t often get a break in your field season, as we do here.  Once we get frozen ground, there is little we can do, short of setting up tents with heaters.  We’ve done it, but I much prefer the natural break in our rhythm, coming indoors to let our bodies rest and get our minds to work.  Winter is when we get to settle in with our data and develop our narratives about past human lives.  I’m looking forward to a bit of hibernation, but in the meantime, I appreciate the gift of fantastic weather in December!