About Us

Our Philosophy:

To pass along a legacy of solid, academically-based scholarship applied to CRM projects to a new generation of archaeologists so that they can continue as the vanguard in protecting our valuable archaeological resources.

Independent Archaeological Consulting, LLC (IAC) is a woman-owned small business certified as a woman-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and recognized as such by the states of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. The company’s principal members are Kathleen Wheeler, Ph. D., and Ellen Marlatt, M.A. IAC has been in operation since 1990 and has operated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) since January 1, 1998. The company maintains a fully-equipped archaeology lab at 801 Islington Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and has the capability to readily address project needs as they unfold. IAC is a member-in-good-standing of the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA).

IAC provides a full range of archaeological assessment to clients in Northern New England. The company regularly assists civil engineers, planners and developers meet state and federal regulations and guidelines (Section 106, NEPA, Act 250) by providing archaeological assessments required to obtain permits for development or expansion. IAC is also committed to helping museums and historic sites develop their interpretive plans through archaeology. The company has completed assessments and authored hundreds of technical reports for projects in northern New England.

Our Commitment

To our Clients:

Provide a full range of high quality archaeological services to clients in northern New England in a timely manner and at a fair and reasonable price.

To the Public:

Protect archaeological resources by providing quality services and to produce well-written, credible, and useful interpretations that deepen our understanding of the past through archaeology.

To our Employees:

Treat each employee with fairness and respect, encourage their growth and development as archaeologists and scholars, and provide them the opportunity to play a role in supporting the company’s overall missions and goals.